10 Essential Tools Every Hairdressing Student Must Have

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September 12, 2023
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As you enter the world of hairdressing, you must have the right tools at your disposal. Whether you are a student enrolled in hairdressing courses Sydney or a qualified professional looking to improve their skills, the tools you own will certainly help with the quality of your work. According to the experts, these are the essential tools you need in your arsenal as a successful hairdresser.

Hair Shears:

Hair shears are an inevitable tool in any hairdresser’s kit. Be sure to get yourself sharp and high-quality scissors that are specifically designed for hair cutting. Good quality hair shears will facilitate clean and precise cuts while also minimising split ends.


It goes without saying that combs are vital for proper hairdressing. Different kinds of combs serve different purposes, so it's essential to have more than one in your kit. While wide tooth combs are great for detangling, fine-tooth combs are required for sectioning and parting.


Different types of brushes – such as round brushes, paddle brushes, and more – are used for different styling needs. Based on your knowledge and skills, having the right collection of brushes is crucial.


Hairdressing clips are necessary to hold a section of hair while you’re working on another. Be sure to invest in high-quality clips that last longer and won’t easily damage the hair.

Blow Dryer:

There’s a multitude of blow dryers available in the market, but it’s imperative to invest in a professional-grade equipment. Such blow dryers come equipped with adjustable heat and speed functionalities. Professional blow dryers are not just meant for drying hair but also for styling the hair in different ways.

Spray Bottles:

To keep the hair damp while styling, a spray bottle with water will help. It comes handy for your wet cutting needs.

Curling and Flat Iron:

Both flat iron and curling iron are necessary tools used to achieve either a straight hairstyle or a curly/wavy style. Excess heat can damage the hair, so make sure you purchase one with temperature control settings.

Thinning Shears:

Just in case you didn’t know, thinning shears are used for minimising bulk or blending varying lengths of hair. They are also known as texturising shears as they can help add more texture and shape to the hair. Enrolling in a course to get a certificate 3 in hairdressing Sydney will help you master these key styling techniques.

Colouring Tools:

If your skills involve hair colouring, you will need a set of tools including foils, gloves, and colour mixing bowls required for proper colouring applications.

Cleaning & Sanitising Products:

Proper hygiene and cleanliness is absolutely necessary in this line of work. Therefore, it is crucial to include the requisite cleaning supplies in your tool kit. Use the right cleaning solution for your tools and have a disinfectant solution to sanitise regularly.

A career in hairdressing is creative and fun, but investing in the right tools will help refine the skills and set you up for success in this industry. If you’d like to learn everything there is to know about hairdressing, getting a hairdressing certificate iii is the best way to start!

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