Student Support Services

Vigil is here to support you when you need it
Studying in a foreign country is an exciting adventure, however we understand that it can also be challenging at times. Your safety and health (mental & physical) are our priority.
We provide a range of support services that can help you with your studies and other areas of your life.
Academic Support
Personal Support

Academic Support

Student Academic Affairs Advisor (SAAA)

Our SAAA is there to support you during your studies. You can ask the SAAA questions about the program, academic regulations, difficulties with study, course progress monitors or decisions to defer from studies. The SAAA can also help with  administrative concerns such as concerns with living adjustments, Accommodation issues or career  advice.

Contact our student support team to book an appointment with the  Student Academic Affairs Advisor.

Learner Support

Vigil International College conducts assessment of needs as part of the pre-enrolment process and  throughout the duration of the  course. In such cases, we will ensure that the assessment of need is undertaken at the earliest possible
opportunity and any identified support needs issues are managed.

We will provide customised support to assist in various areas, such as y disability or impairment that restricts access and equity as well as, computer literacy or English language, literacy, and numeracy (LLN). 

If you feel that your needs have changed and you require a different level of support, speak to the Student Support Team to arrange a time to speak with the Student Academic Affairs Advisor.

Flexible Learning & Assessment

We develop a unique training plan for each student to assist with time  management and fitting studying around your work and life commitments.

We encourage students to discuss this prior to enrolment by contacting our Student Support Team.

Personal Support

Study Support Officers (SSO)
Our SSOs are highly knowledgeable and can provide you with free advice on the following areas:
Legal issues (Police, Fair Work Ombudsmen, etc.)
Public Transport
Job Seeking Services
Plus, more!
Contact our Student Support team to make a booking or simply visit receprion to make a booking
Student Wellness Program
We understand the importance of mental well-being and to support you we offer free-of-cost external counselling. Counselling can support you with many tough life situations such as grief or loss, relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression and more.
Counselling is confidential and is available via:
Contact our student support team for further details.
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